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Guiding Customers: Today and in the Future

With Effie Mansdorf, Sr. Director of Customer Success @Adaptive Shield

On today's episode we talk with Effie Mansdorf, Sr. Director of Customer Success at Adaptive Shield.

Effie has massive experience in Customer management roles for more than 20 years, and was also voted one of the top 100 Customer Success strategists in 2022.

We will learn about the touch points in which content has been instrumental in scaling the support and the CS team in Adaptive Shields.

We will also talk about the future and the plans to make it successful.

The CS Show is a podcast exploring the Content Secrets of Customer Success leaders.

We put the spotlight on content innovation, and bring you an inside look at some of the most interesting moves made by customer success teams to address growth and scale through content.


Dina Shatner is the co-founder and CEO of Trenario

Guy Galon is a customer success executive & thought leader


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