Trenario automatically generates videos and simulations led by AI-driven presenters, turning your content into a life-like experience with a click of a button.

Our powerful AI-driven technology takes text-based content, data, images and footage and automatically generates presenter-led videos. It's all about giving you the power to tell a wider range of stories to your customers, employees, learners and readers.


Create presenter-led simulations and videos with a click of a button. Engage your workforce in AI-driven real-life interactive settings, that can be easily updated, personalized and localized.

Learning & Development

News & Media

A new way to use real-time reporting, images and data feeds to power new kinds of AI-driven news experiences. Engage your audience with automated presenter-led videos of your news, updates and messages.


Bring your products to life with presenter-led videos automatically generated from your products catalog. No more need to read long texts, AI-presenters will inform your customers in a TV-like format. 

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