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Content Creation and Personalization Strategies

With Or Guz, VP of Customer Success @Velocity

In today’s episode we welcome Or Guz, VP of Customer Success at Velocity.

Or was voted one of the top 25 Customer Success influencer and he is an industry thought leader with an impressive track record of building and leading customer success teams.

We explore some best practices for content creation in Customer Success and how AI and Automation are revolutionizing the field.

We delve into identifying the most relevant topics and areas for content creation, collaborating with marketing teams, personalizing content, including segmentation strategies used to tailor content effectively, and measuring its effectiveness.

We also discuss the convergence of AI and automation in CS and the areas that can benefit from AI enhancements, as well as the challenges faced when implementing AI solutions.

The CS Show is a podcast exploring the Content Secrets of Customer Success leaders.

We put the spotlight on content innovation, and bring you an inside look at some of the most interesting moves made by customer success teams to address growth and scale through content.


Dina Shatner is the co-founder and CEO of Trenario

Guy Galon is a customer success executive & thought leader


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