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Enhancing Customer Interactions via Internal Knowledge Base

With Nir Cohen, VP of Customer Success @AIVF

On today's episode, we talk with Nir Cohen.

Nir is the VP of Customer Success at AIVF and former Director of Customer Success at – both Health Tech companies. Nir is mainly known for being strategically proactive in bringing in unique tech solutions to enhance customer-facing processes.

Join us to discuss how Nir improved customer-facing interactions by developing an internal knowledge base.

The CS Show is a podcast exploring the Content Secrets of Customer Success leaders.

We put the spotlight on content innovation, and bring you an inside look at some of the most interesting moves made by customer success teams to address growth and scale through content.


Dina Shatner is the co-founder and CEO of Trenario

Guy Galon is a customer success executive & thought leader


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