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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Hello, we are Trenario ltd. ("Trenario" or "We"). We respect your privacy and are committed to protect it. This Privacy Policy describes, inter alia, the types of private information we may keep or ask you to provide (the "Information") when you use any of our services and apps, visit our websites or communicate with us (the "Services").

By using our Services you agree to our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, please do not use any of the Services and apps and do not enter our sites.


2. The information we store

We store several types of information about visitors and registered users to our Services.

Personally identifiable information (PII) – Registered users are asked to provide identifiable information, including an email address or phone number, and in some cases first and last names. If the user is registered through an organization, we will also store details on the organization.


In order to perform payments, the user may be asked to provide credit card details, or details of other payment method. This information will be transferred to a third party in order to make the payment, and will not be stored on our servers.

We may also store the user's IP address. Should the user send us email or communicate with us – we will save the information.


An organization that registers users to our services is responsible to get their acceptance to the Privacy Policy. In case of a minor, the organization should get the guardian's acceptance.

Non-PII  - We may store information that is not personally identifying the user. This may include information on the user's technical environment (e.g. app version, smartphone or tablet type, browser etc.), details on user activity within our Services (e.g. pages visited, buttons clicked, clips watched etc.), analysis of activity in the app (e.g. frequency of use, performance, way of use etc.), services that were purchased and more. This information allows us to customize our Services to the user's needs and save personal preferences and course progress.

A user that was register by an organization hereby allows Trenario to transfer PII and non-PII to the organization that performed the registration.


3. Where do we store the information?

The information is stored on cloud servers. The physical geographical location of the servers may change. Information may be transferred to people who works for us, e.g. in analyzing data, customer support and payments. Some of the Information may be saved on the computer, tablet or smartphone with which you use our Services. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is secured and handled according to the Privacy Policy.

4. How do we use your email address or phone number?

We do not send spam. A registered user may receive from time to time an email or a text message regarding his or her activity in our websites and apps (e.g. notice of registration or payment), as well as notifications about new services or changes in service. The user can ask not to receive these notifications by using the links in the messages. A user that wishes to stop receiving any messages from Trenario, including activity-related, will have to cancel his or her registration.


5. Do we transfer information to third parties?

We only transfer Information to third parties in the following cases:

  • Credit card companies or third parties that process payments may require PII.

  • We will transfer information when – A. We are obliged to cooperate with law authority or the court, B. We will have to defend Trenario's rights, reputation or property, C. In case of a dispute, demand, claim or legal proceedings, if they occur, between you and Trenario, D. If Trenario concludes that transferring Information is required in order to prevent severe damage to you or to a third party, E. If you were registered to our Services by an organization – we can transfer Information and analytics to the organization.

  • In case Trenario decides to sell some or all of its assets or shares, or to merge with a third party, we will be able to include the Information as part of the transferred assets, as long as the receiving party agrees to comply with this Privacy Policy.

  • We can transfer general statistical information, e.g. on usage patterns.

6. Files located on the user's devices

In order to provide our services, we may store files on your smartphone, tablet or computer, including texts, video clips and cookies. We cannot provide our Services without storing these files. By using our Services you agree to store these files on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


7. Information security

In our apps and websites we implement a set of systems and procedures for information security, including SSL encryption, encrypted user passwords and more. These systems and procedures decrease the probability of unauthorized access to our computers, and to personal information that is stored in them or transferred through the Internet or wi-fi networks. Nevertheless, no system is completely secured. Therefore, we do not guarantee that our Services are fully protected against unauthorized access to the Information.

8. Delete an account and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

If you registered to our Services, you can contact us and ask for your account to be deleted, along with all personally identifiable information. To do that please write to –

If you were added to our Services through an organization, please contact your organization. You can also contact us directly.

A request to delete your account and all PII will be processed within 30 days.

We will keep your PII as long as your user account is active, and as long as we provide you Services. We will also save your PII as required to comply with regulation, for dispute resolution and as required by our agreements. Information that we need in order to manage our business, including documenting commercial activities, will be saved but if your account was deleted it will not be used to contact you.

9. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Trenario may change its Privacy Policy from time to time. If the changes affect personally identifiable information, we will publish notices in our websites and apps.

10. Contact us

Please contact us with any question regarding our Privacy Policy:

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