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How Secret Double Octopus turned technical user guides into presenter-led video

"Presenter-led video is very important for customer experience, but producing video with actors or experts as presenters is highly expensive and doesn’t allow for video updates. Trenario’s AI-video platform eliminates the need for filming, allows for easy video updates, and brings the document to life”
Amit Lavi, Secret Double Octopus

Secret Double Octopus (SDO) is a software company specializing in passwordless authentication for enterprise environments. Employee passwords are responsible for most data breaches and impose a huge burden on everyone. SDO eliminates the need for employees to remember passwords by offering a simple and secure authentication mechanism that boosts security and lets employees focus on the job.

We spoke with Amit Lavi, Vice President of Customer Success at Secret Double Octopus, to learn how he uses Trenario to convert technical user guides into short videos that help customers:

  • Get onboarded faster

  • Follow complex technological processes with ease

  • Have a friendly customer experience

The challenge

To help security teams and employees onboard and get support, Amit documented all processes and instructions in comprehensive user guides.

However, many customers found it inconvenient to follow complex processes through texts.

Knowing that people prefer watching videos to reading long texts, Amit was looking for a solution that turns existing user guides into video clips, and makes onboarding and implementation processes more friendly and easy to understand.

The solution had to be:

  • Quick, simple, and affordable video production at large scale

  • Easy to keep the videos up to date

  • Doesn’t require any professional skills or special equipment

The solution

Amit used Trenario to turn existing user guide into a series of short videos with AI-presenters.

After customizing a video template, all that was left to do was upload the text and screen shots or screen recordings. Trenario’s platform produced a studio quality video with two AI-presenters narrating the script.

Amit incorporated the videos into the user guide, making it more lively and friendly. Customers can now choose to watch a series of short videos or read the user guide, making the information more accessible to a wider range of customers.

Once a video was created, it’s easy to keep it up to date as the software updates by simply changing the text or the screen shots.

Here’s an example user guide video from SDO created with Trenario.

What’s next

In the near future Amit plans to turn more user guides and support articles into video, to help customers get the information they need in a friendly and easy to understand format.


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