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How increased customer satisfaction with AI video

“The video made the article more exciting and gave an excellent introduction to the process.” customer is a health-tech company that reshapes the future of Digital Healthcare and Wellness by transforming any camera-equipped device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) into a body vital-signs monitoring solution.'s video-based app removes the need for wearables and provides vital signs measurements such as heart rate, heart rate variability, mental stress, oxygen saturation, and respiration rate.

We talked with Eyal Fein, Director of Global Support at, about how he uses Trenario to increase customer satisfaction.

Key results

  • Time savings: A video was created in hours, not days or weeks compared to traditional video creation.

  • Localization: Helped reach customers in different geographies in their native language.

  • Customer satisfaction: Increased customer understanding and engagement with the product.

The challenge launched a new digital support center to help reduce the number of requests to the support team. The support center includes documentation, articles, and answers to frequently asked questions in four languages, which should make it easier for customers to find the information they need.

However, it turned out that despite being short and easy to read, some customers do not read the texts and instead continue to communicate with the support team.

Eyal wanted to incorporate video into the support center to make it more accessible to customers.

He considered filming the company’s employees as presenters, which turned out to be highly expensive and time consuming. The alternative was to create videos with a combination of screen recordings and voice over.

The problems with this approach are:

  • No presenter: The lack of a presenter makes the videos less relatable, as people prefer to see someone talking to them.

  • Hard to make multi-lingual videos: You have to find voice artists in several languages and coordinate the audio part of the project.

  • Hard to keep the videos up to date: Any revision or update requires re-recording the voice artists. It makes it almost not practical to update the videos in accordance with the development of the company’s technology.

As a top-tier innovative company, Eyal sought a solution that would allow him to quickly produce high-quality video content in multiple languages using cutting-edge technology.

The solution

Eyal used Trenario to turn help articles into video with AI-presenters in several languages.

He selected a video template that was customized to his specific needs. Then, all that remained was to upload the script and screen shots or screen recordings, without having to worry about designing or editing.

The videos were incorporated into the support center, and customers responded with enthusiasm and highly positive feedback. The videos created stickiness and customers found them interesting and educating.

Here's what some of's customers had to say:

“The video made the article more exciting and gave an excellent introduction to the process.” customer

“The videos with the detailed technical info were fun to watch and made me be aware of the usage of the product.” customer

“The video made the long and sometimes a little boring article on technical specs became more vivid.” customer

“The video helped me understand the important things to pay attention to on the technical document.” customer

Below you can see an example product video from created with Trenario.

Encouraged by the increase in customer satisfaction, Eyal plans to expand the use of Trenario’s platform in the support center to include cool and spicy video content on feature updates, knowledge refreshers, frequently asked questions, and more.


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