Interactive Simulator for Entrepreneurs

Bring your negotiation skills to the next level:

Dozens of simulations with Artificial-Intelligence based entrepreneurs, investors and partners

By Samuel Dinnar / Harvard, MIT

Negotiation scenarios for entrepreneurs
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This course includes

8 modules

72 simulations

6-8 hours

24/7 on mobile and web

Certification of completion

Lifetime access

What you'll get

Dozens of hands-on simulations

Engage in conversations with humanlike AI entrepreneurs, investors, partners and mentors

Practice real-world scenarios that will bring your negotiation skills to the next level

Make decisions and get personalized feedback

What you'll learn

Recognize the emotional dimensions of negotiations to win deals

Build trust to improve negotiation outcomes and reduce uncertainty

Prevent the eight big mistakes that entrepreneurs often make


As entrepreneur you know that your negotiation skills are crucial to the success of your startup. When it comes to negotiating with potential partners and investors, more experience will significantly increase the chances of success.


To become an experienced negotiator you will need to combine knowledge with lots of practice. And this is where you need this course.

Based on the award winning book of Harvard and MIT instructors Samuel Dinnar and Larry Susskind, this course offers you a unique opportunity to actually participate in actual negotiation scenarios. 

That's right, our technology allows you to enter real negotiations with virtual investors and mentors. They look and sound human, yet they are created using an Artificial Intelligence platform.

The main advantage of practicing with humanlike trainers is that you can learn from your mistakes without harming your actual startup. (Another advantage: it's really fun!).

Our students say that, after taking a Trenario course with humanlike trainers, they feel much more experienced and self-confident. Their theoretical knowledge becomes highly practical.


This course offers dozens of real-world simulations, based on actual negotiation cases. You will meet virtual investors and entrepreneurs. Your virtual mentor will guide you and provide personalized feedback.

We will focus on the eight big mistakes that entrepreneurs often make during negotiation and presentation meetings. You will gain hands-on experience in identifying and handling stress and emotions, managing uncertainty, coping with complexities and building strong relationships with investors.

This course will benefit anyone dealing with entrepreneurs, and is a must for all entrepreneurs who would like to strengthen their actual negotiation skills.

I was helping a virtual entrepreneur, we were thinking together what's the best way to proceed and how to react. That was awesome! 

I'll never forget it.

What I liked most was when the virtual mentor gave me feedback on my decisions. It was very personal, very focused on the decisions that I made, and it helped me understand how to improve.


Samuel Dinnar

Faculty at Harvard Negotiation Institute

Lecturer and Research Associate at MIT

Hi! I'm Samuel. In the last few years I've been teaching and training thousands of executives and entrepreneurs around the world on negotiation.

I'm faculty at Harvard Negotiation Institute and an Instructor at Harvard Law School's Program On Negotiation (PON).

I'm also a lecturer and research associate at MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I've done extensive research on negotiation, focusing on entrepreneurs. My award winning book, "Entrepreneurial Negotiation" presents insights and tips based on this research.

I have a 25-year track record as a global entrepreneur, hi-tech executive, board member, and venture capital investor.

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8 modules  |  72 simulations  |  6-8 hours


Module 1: Self-centered

Module 2: Overconfident

Module 3: Need to Win Now

Module 4: Compromising

Module 5: Work Alone

Module 6: Haggle

Module 7: Too Intuitive

Module 8: Deny Emotions


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