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Real-world simulator for job-seekers

Become a super-hero in your next job interview!

Meet virtual interviewers and job applicants, sharpen your skills and know how to respond to even the craziest interview questions.


$75  $199  62% off

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30-day money back guarantee

This course includes

8 modules

50 simulations and tips

2-3 hours

24/7 on mobile and web

Certification of completion

1 year access

What you'll get

Dozens of hands-on simulations

Engaging interactions with virtual interviewers, job-seekers and mentors

Practice real-world scenarios that will boost your job interview skills 

Get personalized feedback

What you'll learn

How to answer the easy and the most difficult questions

How to avoid interview “traps”

How to negotiate your salary

How to answer the crazy 

“hi-tech” interview questions


Job interviews are always a challenge. You should present yourself, sometimes in too many details, to a stranger who can determine your next job. A lot is on stake, and you must stay focused and avoid the “traps” the interviewers often use.


Passing the interview is not your only goal. Your salary, benefits and sometimes your job description are often affected by your performance in the interview.


So how would you prepare yourself for a job interview? The best way would be to go to many interviews with a mentor at your side. This mentor will give you some feedback, and you’ll become better and better at this. But of course, that’s not possible.


Well, actually with Trenario this is (almost) what you get. You’ll be entering dozens of job interviews with a virtual mentor on your side. You’ll have to answer all sorts of questions and interact with your virtual interviewers. They were all created by Trenario’s Artificial intelligence platform. With the help of AI, they are able to give you personalized feedback.


When you finish this course, you will have accumulated an experience equal to dozens of job interviews.

I'm not the kind of guy who can watch a tutor talk online for twenty minutes. I get bored. But here there were no "lectures". It was fully interactive, always moving the scene forward.  I was very active and I enjoyed it so much.

What a great experience! It helped me a lot and made me feel much more confident in my real job interview.


8 Modules  |  50 Simulations and Tips  |  2-3 Hours 

1. Show Your Value

During job interviews you have only limited time to show your value to the interviewer. How do you seize the opportunity? In this real-life simulator you can practice with a virtual interviewer and a mentor.

2. Negotiate Your Salary

Studies show that your salary can vary significantly, according to your salary negotiation skills. Our virtual mentors will help you practice on a method that can earn you money.

3. Show Your Motivation

How does your interviewer see you? What can you do to stand out in your interview? In this session you will act as interviewer, and learn the secrets from the other side of the table.

4. Bring Out Your Personality

Being a team player and knowing how to handle conflicts are some of the most important skills you are being tested on. But how can you prove that you have them? Find out in this session.

5. Avoid Inconvenient Questions

Every job interview has these inconvenient questions you don't really want to answer. In this session we will practice how to tackle questions like "why were you fired?"

6. Be Qualified for The Position

Sometimes you feel you don't have enough experience for the job, sometimes they tell you that you are overqualified. In this session we will practice how to answer these questions.

7. Deal With Uncertainty

Many interviewers like to ask crazy questions, for which there is no "good" answer. What's the best way to cope with questions you don't know how to answer?

8. Show Your Creativity

Your interviewer wants to know a little bit about your personality – are you creative? What characterize you as a person? In this session we will practice the soft side of interview questions.



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$75  $199  62% off

Buy now

30-day money back guarantee

This course includes

8 modules

50 simulations and tips

2-3 hours

24/7 on mobile and web

Certification of completion

1 year access

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