Led by AI-Driven Presenters


Trenario's powerful AI-driven technology takes text-based content, data, images and footages and automatically generates presenter-led videos. It's all about giving you the power to tell a wider range of stories to your customers, employees, learners and readers.


Your audience prefers watching videos than reading text. Video helps people better understand and remember, increases engagement levels and boosts your business outcomes.

Now you can get professional presenter-led videos without the need for actors, cameras, editors, and studios.  Use Trenario to automatically turn your text and images into video.

  • eLearning

  • Corporate communication

  • News updates

  • Customer relations

  • Customer support

  • Sales & eCommerce

Create presenter-led videos with a click of a button. Engage your workforce in AI-driven real-life interactive settings, that can be easily updated, personalized and localized.

Learning & Development

News & Media

A new way to use real-time reporting, images and data feeds to power new kinds of AI-driven news experiences. Engage your audience with automated presenter-led videos of your news, updates and messages.


Bring your products to life with presenter-led videos automatically generated from your products catalog. No more need to read long texts, AI-presenters will inform your customers in a TV-like format. 

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